Scholarship Reports

June 2019

Thanks to a scholarship from HWSDA I was able to attend a pre-conference workshop and four seminars at the ANWG conference in Prince George, BC June 12-15.

The two-day pre-conference workshop was with Tien Chiu on Color Courage. After going over the basics of color (she uses magenta, cyan and yellow as primary colors), she noted that weave structure matters in how the color appears. We used Fiberworks software to work on designs. She introduced her soon to be released software, Weaving Color Mixer, which enabled us to determine RGB and hex numbers for the colors, import a picture of our actual yarns and see color blends and how the cloth would look in several different weaving structures (plain weave, 1/3, 22 or 3/1 twill. Color wheel colors could be imported as well as some specific yarns such as Lunatic Fringe. Using our iPhones and the white/black photo feature we were able to determine value even if our eye deceived us. We learned about optical mixing and color mixing in weaving. Weave structure can determine blending proportions and the degree of blending. It can be the draft that is in error and not the colors if there is an unsatisfactory result. We spent the last part of the last day designing our own projects with her assistance. It was a great workshop with a knowledgeable instructor.

During the conference I took in 4 seminars: 1) Weave Tech with Janet Dawson. She went through 7 single spaced pages of online resources for “websites, software, online gadgets and electronic geegaws”. She went to almost all of the links and explained what they do. It covered archives, classes and study programs, online networks, repositories, design tools, project planning tools, drafts and projects, software and other gadgets. An absolutely invaluable resource!

 2) Weaving TnT with Roby Spady. She went through an 8-page single spaced handout on all sorts of tips and tricks for weavers.

3) Painless Back to Front Warping with Janet Dawson. Although I warp from back to front I was interested in picking up some tips. Janet demonstrated winding a warp for back to front (cross at bottom and continuous loop around the top bar), and then dressing the loom. She does a few steps differently than I do but I plan to incorporate several of them the next time I dress a loom.

4) Color Magic with Yoriko Oki. Having had an intense two-day workshop on color the color wheel information, etc. was somewhat repetitive. She showed and passed around multiple color variations on a tea towel using a wide variety of weft colors. These were featured in Handwoven, November/December 2013.

Workshops and seminars are just a part of a conference. Viewing the guild displays, juried show and vendors is also fun as well as seeing many weaving friends. The keynote speaker was Abbey Franquemont from Peru who spoke of Peruvian textiles and the differences between North American and Peruvian cultures. The fashion show was inspiring as always.

I would like to thank HWSDA for helping me make this opportunity a reality.

Lois Larson