HWSDA Scholarship Program

NOTE: There are no more funds available for scholarships for 2019-2020. Therefore no further applications will be accepted. (March, 2019).

IInterested in taking a fibre arts related workshop or other educational experience? Need some financial help to do so? 

1. Eligibility 

Every year the HWSDA executive sets aside a sum of money to provide scholarships for its members. Are you an individual member in good standing for at least two years? As long as it has been three years since you last received an individual scholarship (for a 2013 award any previous scholarships must have been in 2010 or earlier), your area of interest is fibre related and you are willing to share what you learn with the HWSDA membership, you may be eligible to receive an HWSDA educational scholarship. Events could include workshops held by an educational institution or a private company, classes hosted by another weaving guild or classes such as those offered within the Master Spinner or Weaver programmes. If it is fibre related and provides a learning experience, it may be eligible. Work-shops can be taken at any time of the year but the earlier you get your application in the better your chances of receiving funding. 

2. Application granting 

Amounts awarded are intended to underwrite the costs of attending a specific workshop, class or event so you will be required to submit your projected costs of attending as a part of this scholarship application. 

Those who receive scholarships are required to submit a brief article about their workshop for publica-tion in the Running Threads newsletter. 

The applications are reviewed as they are received by the HWSDA executive throughout the year (presentations are made at the next executive meeting after the receipt of the application), and the applicant will be notified of the decision. Names of scholarship winners will be posted on the HWSDA web-site and in Running Threads

Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis until all of the allocated funds for a given year are used. Not all applications may be successful but if you don’t apply you’ll never be considered!! 

Educate yourself and share your knowledge with others! 

Complete the scholarship application form and email it to Lynne Cowe Falls.