Conference 2009 Juried Show

Doing What Comes Naturally


Norma Westcott - Tea Towels
1st Place - Tea Towels - Advanced
HWSDA Award for Excellence in Weaving

Norma Westcott - Tea Towels Closeup
Complex Weavers Award
2nd Place Tea Towels - Advanced


 Siri McCormick - My Nature's Path Natural Dyes - 1st Place - Tidal Pool #2 - HWSDA Excellence
in Dyeing - Best Use of Theme
 Siri McCormick - My Nature's Path Natural Dyes
3rd Place - Tidal Pool #1
 Siri McCormick - Three Dimensional Work
Coral Reef Neck Piece - 3rd place
 Siri McCormick - Three Dimensional Work
Gray Bubble Neck Piece


 Helen Gladson - In the Likeness of a Human
1st place - My Nature's Path - Commercial Dyes
 Phylllis Netolitzky - Embellished Dowry Bag
1st Place - Three Dimensional Work
 Chris Muir - Simple Elegance
1st Place - Accessories
 Norma Westcott & Ruth Blazenko (Deanna White finishing) - Split Infinitive - 1st Place - Household Items
 Deb Turner - Yak Silk Scarf - People's Choice - 2nd Place - Accessories  Yak Silk Scarf closeup
 Marion Gerdes - Tea Towels - Intermediate
 2nd Place
Barbara Mercer - Genoa Ribs Tea Towels
Inter-Weave Press Handwoven Excellence in Weaving for the Home Award - 3rd Place - Tea Towels - Advanced
 Helen Gladson - Come Give Granny a Big Kiss and Red - 1st Place - Miniatures Helen Gladson - Vessel with Mohair Locks
2nd Place - Three Dimensional Work
 Marilyn Shea - Silk - HWSDA Excellence in Spinning - 1st Place - Handspun Skeins  Andrea Lawrence - Purple Glitter
2nd Place - Handspun Skeins
 Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett - Bird's Eye View - 
3rd Place - Clothing
 Ellen Munro - Nature's Warm Jacket
2nd Place - My Nature's Path Natural Dyes
 Deb Turner - First Shoots - 3rd Place
First Shoots Closeup
 Pirkko Karvonen - Summer & Winter Runner
2nd Place - Household Items
 Norma Westcott - Idle Mind Devil's Playground
3rd Place - Miniatures
 Kathy Sosnowski - Peacock Evening Purse
 Pirkko Karvonen - Summer & Winter Linen
Runner - 3rd Place - Household Items
 Siri McCormick - Miss Kitty Visits the City  Helen Gladson - What's in the Bowl?
 Deb Turner - Ivy Hearts Scarf  Deb Turner - Ivy Hearts Closeup


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