Conference 2012 Juried Show



2nd Place Handspun
Mary Ann Jackson

left: Excellence in Spinning 1st Marilyn Shea; middle: 3rd Woven Apparel Robin Nixon; right: Novice Woven Apparel Theresa Einboden
1st Award of Excellence Weaving - Aurora Shawl - Deb Turner

left: Pink Silk Scarf - Marilyn Shea
right: Checkered  Scarf - Catherine Ross

Drew's Bamboo Horoscope Blanket - Robin Nixon Award of Excellence- Handspun Color Horoscope Balnket - Robin Nixon
Huck Runner - Nell Steedsman Award - Barb Mercer Huck Runner closeup - Barb Mercer - GCW Award
2nd - Woven Apparel - Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett 2nd - Woven Apparel - Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett
3rd Dyeing - Rainbow Runner - Christa Dainton 1st Basketry - Nesting Instinct - Siri McCormick
2nd Novice Dyeing - Woven Shibori - Susan Siegel Sash  Takadai - Deb Turner
1st (vase) 2nd (basket) Felting - Mary Telfer 1st Novice Oceanic Wingspan - Kim Ward
3rd Handspun Lace Panel Scarf - Christa Dainton 3rd Novice Spinner - Graves Clothes; Alberta Wine - Kim Ward
White lace weight alpaca silk - Christa Dainton 1st Spinnng - white silk w/ multi-coloured silk noils - Marilyn Shea
2nd Spinning - white alpaca/silk - Marilyn Shea Feather & Fan Lace Scarf - Christa Dainton
Ratios in Orange & Purple - Karen King 1st Home Interiors - Attic Windows - Karen King

1st Surface Design - Canadiana Series - Siri McCormick Dragon vest - Mona Ball

Thank you to everyone who entered the Juried  Show!


Instructors Display

Alison Irwin Alison Irwin
Crys Harse
Lyn Pflueger Bonnie Tarses
Holly Kingdon Michelle Wipplinger

Thanks to our instructors for sharing their expertise!
Sharon Wickstrom

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