Conference 2018 Juried Show

Make Mine Take Away

Marilyn Shea – 1st Singles or Plied Yarn, silk blue/green singles Deb Loosley – 2nd Singles or Plied Yarn, gradient roving chained 3-ply
Deb Loosley – 3rd Singles or Plied Yarn, 2-ply lace, 50/50 silk merino Deb Loosley – 1st Novelty Yarn, varigated tussah silk, romney wool, metallic nylon
Jen Black – 3rd article from handspun, Make Me Take Away Siri McComick – 2nd Surface Design, Spring Thaw
Deb Loosley – 2nd article from handspun, lace knit cowl Ingrid Servold – 2nd Dyeing Scarf in Warm Colors
Deb Loosley – 1st Dyeing, lace knit shawl Jen Black – 1st article ftom handspun, Grow Mine Take Away
Tracy LaRose – 3rd Dyeing, Starlights blanket Siri McCormick – 1st surface design, In Full Bloiom
Margaret Hall – 3rd Surface design, Soprano & Three Tenors Kathy Buse – 1st home interiors, placemat and napkins
Margaret Hall – 3d woven wearables, warp crimp scarf Barb Mercer – 1st woven wearables, feather scarf
Barb Mercer – 2nd Home Interiors, variations on one warp Ingrid Servold – 2nd woven wearables, Buffalo Plaid on Fire
Marilyn Shea – 1st Home Interiors, woven blanket Hélène Giguère – 2nd Decorative Weaving, A Touch out of the Ordinary
Jen Black – 2nd Knitted Wearables, Take Away on Ski Trails Margaret Hall – 2nd Fabulous Felt, Celestial Bodies
Deb Turner – 1st Computer Woven, Tea Towel for th Adobe House Marilyn Shea – 3rd Knitting, Lace Mini Shawl
Margaret Hall – 1st Fabulous Felt, Make Mine Fly Away Deb Loosley – 1st Knitting, Wedding Shawl
Ivy Trumpour – 3rd Fabulous Felt, Aflame! Take Away the Chill Ivy Trumpour – 3rd Fabulous Felt, closeup
Kathy Sosnowski – 1st Decorative Weaving, Aurora on Red Siri McCormick & Deb Turner – 1st Innovative Interlacements, Whispering Aspen
Siri McCormick – 2nd Innovative Interlacements, Mosses Tracy LaRose – 1st Creative Containers, Take it All Away
Margaret Hall – 2nd Creative Containers, Pods Siri McCormick – 3rd Creative Containers, Cedar Bark Basket
Tracy LaRose – Placemats and Table Center Ingrid Servold – Tea Towel Study
Ingrid Servold – Shibori scarf
Lynn Pflueger – Fifty Shades of Grey
Deb Loosley, Denim Sweater
Christina Murfin, Knitting Ruth Blazenko – Take Away Noodles
Betty Nixon, Robyn Nixon, Green Wrap Deb Loosley – Painted Warp Scarf

Left: Dee Hunt, Cream Purse


Thanks to all who entered the Juried Show! What a creative bunch!