Conference 2017 Unjuried Show


Looking for pictures of the conference – people, unjuried show, fashion show, etc. If you have any, please send them to the WebMaster! If you had an item in the Unjuried Show, please take a picture of it and send it to the WebMaster. Thanks!


Spinning wheel display Spinning wheel display
Walking wheel is likely c 1830, Ontario. Loan from Camrose & District Centennial Museum. Dawn Lawson demonstrates. Black Earth Super Slanty c1850 Wisconsin. Owner Dawn Lawson.
Czech Lateral flyer c1880. Owner Dawn Lawson. Frank Young, c1850 Nova Scotia. Loan from Camrose & District Centennial Museum.
Bordua, Canadian Production Wheel c1905 Quebec. Owner: Lonna Cunningham. Hutterite 1923 Alberta Owner: Dr Wendy Biglar.
SpinWell, c1930 Sifton, Manitoba. Owner: Dawn Lawson. Lind, 1934 Sweden. Owner: Dawn Lawson.
Ashford, 1965, New Zealand. Owner: Dawn Lawson. Rognvaldson, 1977, Ontario. Owner: Jan Bamford.
Please send your pictures!
Indian head on sewing treadle. Unknown date. Owner: Sara Krause.  
Tartans of Canada – Camrose Weavers
Provincial Tartans
Banquet tables
Broken Twill Lace Scarf – Barb Mercer – People's Choice Handwoven
Marilyn Shea – People's Choice for Handspun
Siri McCormick – People's Choice for Miscellaneous
Flowers of Canada – Ivy Trumpour – People's Choice Felt Category