Conference 2016 Juried Show

Windows throw – Barbara Mercer – 1st Knitting Home Interiors Ruby Jewels – Siri McCormick – 1st in Dyeing
A Braid for All Reasons – Barbara Mercer – 2nd in Miscellaneous Left: Sunset on the Grasslands, Right: Dawn in the Badlands – Katherine Rankin – Woven Apparel
Leaf Fall boots – Margaret Hall – 1st Felt Apparel Twill Scarf – Kathy Buse – 2nd Article from Handspun
Seaside Sunset towel – Barbara Mercer – 2nd Woven Home Interiors Cutlery Rolls – Val Forcese – 2nd Woven Home Interiors
Twill Gamp towel – Deb Turner – 1st Woven Home Interiors In a Slump vessel – Siri McCormick – 1st in Felt Home Interiors and Decorative
Lub Dub scarf – Deb Turner – 1st Woven Apparel, Nell Steedsman Award, People's Choice Award Lub Dub scarf closeup – Deb Turner – Iris and Echo exploration
Handspun Singles – Marilyn Shea – 1st Spinning Fibres Afire – Jen Black – 2nd Spinning
May We Help You? – Ivy Trumpour – 3rd Felt Home Interiors and Decorative Our Passion – Ivy Trumpour – 2nd Felt Home Interiors and Decorative
Five Easy Pieces scarves – Gale Anderson Palm – 2nd Dyeing Autumn Leaves table linen – Siri McCormick – 1st Miscellaneous, HGA Award
Handpsun singles – Marilyn Shea – 3rd in Spinning Blanket – Marilyn Shea – Woven Home Interiors
Hearts Afire scarf – Catherine Ross Ruby Tuesday – Barbara Mercer – 1st Knitted Apparel
 Autumn Leaves – Kathy Buse – 2nd Woven Apparel – Complex Weavers Award Passion of Spring – Kathy Sosnowski – 3rd in Miscellaneous
AutumnLeaves – Kathy Buse – closeup Echo Weave scarf – Kathy Buse
Collapse Scarf – Deb Turner – 3rd in Woven Apparel Adrift at Sea – Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett – Woven Apparel
Dragonflies on Water – Catherine Ross – Woven Apparel Baby Blanket – Norma Westcott – Woven Home Interiors
Shadow Weave scarf – Marilyn Shea – 1st Article from Handspun Echo Weave Shawl – Kathy Buse – Woven Apparel
Pink Panther runner – Bryn Hermanski – Weaving Home Interior Shawl – Katherine Rankin – Woven Apparel
Bamboo Scarf – Marilyn Shea – Article from Handspun Eye-glass Case – Margaret Hall – Woven Apparel
Rats Tracks and Snails Trails Scarf – Norma Westcott – Woven Apparel 8 Shaft Twill Blanket – Marilyn Shea – 3rd Article from Handspun
London Fog rug – Bryn Hermanski – Woven Home Interiors Poinsetta tablecloth – Bryn Hermanski – Woven Home Interiors
Knitted Sweater – Jen Black – 3rd in Dyeing
Heritage Weavers & Spinners Guild of Calgary
Ft. Saskatchewan Weavers Guild
Parkland Handweavers & Fibre Arts Guild
Sheep Creek Weavers

Thanks to everyone who entered the Juried Show!