Conference 2015 Juried Show

Memories of Peru – Norma Westcott,
HGA Award, Handwoven Weaving for the Home Award of Excellence,
3rd Weaving Home Interiors & Decorative
Natural Wool Felted Rug – Cheryl Renwick, 1st Home Interiors Decorative Felting
Ocean to Sky – Judy Sysak, 3rd Spinning Article from Handspun

Aurora Borealis Madonna – Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett, 1st Dyeing Article from Handspun, Excellence for Dyeing

Rainbow Scarf – Marijane Rose, 2nd Weaving Woven Apparel – Peoples Choice Award Plum Paradise – Lois Larson, 1st Weaving Woven Apparel
Rainforest – Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett, 3rd Weaving Woven Apparel Fuzzy Bubble – Siri McCormick, 1st Felted apparel – Excellence for Felting – Best Use of Theme
Black and White – Marilyn Shea, 1st Article from Handspun They Pop Up Where you Least Expect Them – Siri McCormick, 3rd Home Interiors and Decorative
Rowan – Margaret Hall, 2nd Felt Apparel Fungus Feet – Margaret Hall, 3rd Felt Apparel
Indigo Shawl – Gail Anderson-Palm, 2nd Dyeing Bumper Crop – Karen King, 1st Misc. Creative Fibre Art
Leaf and Trellis – Barbara Mercer, 1st Knitting Apparel – Excellence for Weaving Tea towel – Barbara Mercer, 1st Weaving Home Interiors and Complex Weavers Award
Bryn Hermanski – 2nd Felting Home Interiors Glacial Melt – Siri McCormick, 3rd Dyeing
There's Always More Fish in the Sea – Siri McCormick, 1st in Creative Fibre Art
Pink Purple Delight – Marilyn Shea, 2nd Spinning Singles Kathy Sosnowski – Shetland roving skein, 1st Spinning – Excellence for Spinning
Leaf – Kathy Sosnowski, 2nd Knitting Spinning Judy Sysak – Merino/silk super coil, 3rd Spinning
Bryn Hermanski – Lace Shawl, 2nd Spinning Ombre Shawl – Catherine Ross
Runner – Barbara Mercer, 2nd Home Interiors & Decorative, Nell Steedsman Award Indigo rug – Gale Anderson-Palm
Three Amigos – Pat Moore, 1st Creative Fibre Art Memories of Magnolia – Margaret Hall
Jackie O – Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett Harmonic Value – Bryn Hermanski
Fun with Color and Weave – Norma Westcott Fun with Color and Weave – Norma Westcott
Kathy Sosnowski – blanket  Autumn Glow – Judy Sysak

Thanks to all who entered the 2015 Conference Juried Show!
Rhododendren – Judy Sysak Thank you!
In-Animate – Bryn Hermanski Three faces
In-Animate – Bryn Hermanski Three faces
Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild of Calgary Display  
Fort Saskatchewan Weavers Guild Display  
Edmonton Weavers Guild Display