Conference 2014 Juried Show

Photo Credits: Val Dowhaniuk and Lois Larson

The Glenna Shawl – Jen Black’s tribute to Glenna Winter – Singles spindle spun by Glenna, knit by Jen 2014 Best Use of Theme
3rd Place Spinning article from handspun
Kathy Buse white shawl – lace knitting, handspun wool 2014 Excellence in Spinning
1st place Spinning article from handspun
Catherine Ross – “Orange Fire” shawl – 3rd place – Woven Apparel 3rd Woven Apparel
Conference colors – tencel
Kathy Buse “Serendipity” shawl – bamboo and tencel 2nd place Woven apparel
Deb Turner – woven shawl 1st place Woven apparel
HWSDA Excellence in Weaving
Lorena Vass – “Spring” scarf Mercerized cotton
Mary Gillespie – “Aurora Borealis” scarf Silk, 12 shafts – painted by Jeanette Roberts
Lyn Pflueger – “Rainbow” scarf – 20/2 silk, acid and fibre reactive dyes 3rd place – Dyeing
Siri McCormick – “Nature Wonder” scarf 2nd Place – Dyeing
Kathy Sosnowski – Double Knit Touque – handspun 2 ply, 50/50 merino/angora and alpaca 2nd Place Spinning – article made from handspun
Siri McCormick – “Dramatic Entrance” 2nd place – Felting
Pat Moore – “Forest” scarf – Nuno felted merino wool with silk fibres 1st Place Dyeing & HWSDA Excellence for Dyeing Award
Pat Moore – “Cracked” – Merino, Leicester & silk hankies 3rd Place – Miscellany Creative Fibre Art
Pat Moore – An Exuberance of Protusions 3rd Place – Felting
Marijane Rose – “Waterfall” shawl 1st Place – Felting
HWSDA Excellence in Felting
Barbara Mercer – white runner 1st place – Woven Home Interiors and Decorative
Barbara Mercer – Tea Towel – 2nd Place – Woven Home Interiors and Decorative Barbara Mercer – Tea Towel – 3rd Place – Woven Home Interiors and Decorative
Marilyn Shea – 1st Place – Spinning – blue/green silk Marilyn Shea – 2nd Place – Spinning – berry tart
Siri McCormick – Amoeba Collar 1st Place – Miscellany Creative Fibre Art
Marilyn Shea -Honourable Mention for Spinning – plaid twill blanket Pirkko Karvonen – Passage of Time – 2nd Place – Miscellany Creative Fibre Art
Lois Larson – red tencel scarf Lois Larson – Christmas runner
Gail Anderson Palm – indigo “Blue Moon” Gail Anderson Palm – indigo “Passionation”

Guild Display Booths

Crocus Country Fibre Arts Guild – Silk Fusion – In memory of Betty Volk
Edmonton Weavers Guild – Patch Quilt
Heritage Weavers & Spinners Guild of Calgary – Tea Towels