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this is a pilot project being launched today....

I believe that HWSDA can have a strong position as a centre for receiving and dispensing information, and I would like to pursue that idea.   To that end, we are launching a new scheme re visiting instructors:  a guild coordinator who is booking an instructor will request a time when she has other dates available while in the province, then let me know as quickly as possible and I will email all the guilds, and post on the HWSDA website.  In this way guilds can make contact with the instructor individually to engage her around that time, and HWSDA can help with funding in some way, eg travel costs.   I have to tell you that I am excited about this, and will appreciate any ideas, suggestions, critique to make it work!

Lyn Pflueger

June 8, 2016

Juicy Tidbits about Sheep Showcase

HWSDA took on the Sheep Showcase at the Calgary Stampede this year, a first for us.   We had 20 volunteers, from Sheep Creek Weavers, Heritage Weavers, and Camrose.   Many thanks to all for the generous time and effort they gave… their enthusiasm made us a real hit!  Zach (Webster) from Olds College joined our booth, and even tried weaving and spinning, doing a very creditable job, I might add!  We all gave out hundreds of items of information about HWSDA, the Master Weavers and Master Spinners programs, and our individual guilds (sales, courses, and memberships).

We had members spinning, carding, dyeing (Kool Aid), weaving, felting, lace-making, and braiding. Kumihimo was a revelation for many people, but so were the things we take for granted, like spinning and carding-- there was always a great audience around the wheels.

Siri had a great thing going with rag weaving, she will document that later, and the magic of pattern weaving continues to enthuse.

Young people, and older folks too, loved making felt “pictures”.

The volunteers had a good time getting to know each other, and sharing their enthusiasm with the public.   May I quote?

 Sharing your passion, seeing the pride on the faces of the kids (and older kids) when they show their project, it is just wonderful     Ann Picavet

It was a pleasure to meet the public and share our love of fibre--the young girl who used the loom and now wants one (I'm guessing she is late teens), the Brit young man who tried to convince her she could build her own loom!!?, the number of "dads" who sat down to have a "go" at spinning, and in general the great cross section of the public who stopped, watched and had questions.     Jo-Ann Williams

People love to see and try out the carding, spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting and are still amazed that sheep's wool can be transformed into clothing, fabric and yarn to make so many beautiful things. For others it brought back memories of family members practicing the art.  Can't wait to do it again next year."     Maria Lougheed

We have more or less intimated that we will be interested in a repeat performance next year.  I do believe that it is very worthwhile for the profile of our guilds, and a source of future members.

My only regret is that we were so busy that we rarely remembered to take photographs!


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