Grants for Guilds

Note: There are no more funds available for grants to guilds. Therefore no further applications will be accepted. (March 2019)


  1. The Executive will determine, annually, how much money will be available for the Grants for Guilds fund. Not all of the money will be used if there are not enough suitable applications for the funds.    
  2. Proposals should be submitted on the appropriate submission form. The form must be fully completed for consideration.
  3. The proposal form and instructions will be posted on the website and advertised in Running Threads.
  4. Proposals should be sent to the current HWSDA Treasurer.
  5. For grants for the following year (April 1 to March 31) the completed proposal form must be received by Feb 28 of the current year  (i.e. for the 2012-2013 year February 28, 2012) and cheques will be issued in 2012. Incomplete forms will either be returned to the applicant to provide the missing information or be rejected for consideration.
  6.  Should a workshop, for which funding is granted, be cancelled any grant money will be returned to the HWSDA.
  7. The workshop can happen anytime between April 1 of the next fiscal year and May 31 of the following year but only proposals with confirmed workshops will be considered. For example for grants for the year April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 the grant application must be received by February 28, 2012 and the cheques will be issued in April  2012.
  8. The workshop will be announced in the Running Threads newsletter and on the HWSDA webpage.
  9. At the completion of the workshop, the organizer/s will write up a short summary for inclusion in the newsletter/webpage. Pictures are welcome. Reports should be submitted within 3 months of the completion of the workshop.
  10. The amount of the grants will depend on number of requests received, the amounts requested and the amount of grant money available. The Executive will decide what grants are awarded. Preference will be given to guilds who have not received grants in the previous 5 years. Submission of an application does not ensure a grant will be awarded.
  11. The Treasurer will contact all applicants (usually by e-mail) to let them know the decisions.
  12. Member guilds and individual HWSDA members (or groups of HWSDA members) can apply. Members will take the responsibility of organizing a workshop for weavers, spinners and dyers in their area. Not all workshop participants need to be members of HWSDA but the organizers do need to be current members of the HWSDA or affiliated guilds. It is encouraged to have members of the public participate in the workshop and organizers should be prepared to encourage the public participants to become HWSDA members. 
  13. Only one application per year per applicant will be considered. If more than one event is being planned the applicant must submit a request for funding for only one of them. Should more than one request be submitted only the first one received will be considered.

 To apply:

Complete the application proposal form and forward it to:

Norma Westcott, HWSDA Treasurer

Scan the completed form and email to Norma Westcott.