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Wanted: A used 45″ LeClerc sectional rakes. Contact details: or text 780-656-5987. Located in Smoky Lake or can meet in Edmonton and surrounding area on weekends.

Wanted: Looking for a used AVL Warping Wheel in good condition and reasonably priced. Located in the Edmonton area. Contact Kathy (11/19)

Wanted: The book I am seeking is by Susan Rex, ‘Complex Color’ , which I think might have been self-published in 2008.  A copy was donated to the Olds College library by the HWSDA folks.  It is about dyeing wools and would be great for the group I work with here in the Kootenays. If anyone knows where there might be a copy or how to contact the author, Susan Rex, I would appreciate the information. Contact Nora Lilligren at

Wanted: Ashford 32″ table loom stand. Also looking for an Ashford table loom treadle kit. I have the 32″ loom, so now I need to buy all the bits to go with it! Email Greg or all 403-919-7332. (7/19)

Wanted: reeds for a 45″ loom. Only have a 12 and am looking to build a collection of them. Email Deb or all 403-360-6810 (6/19)

Wanted: Doubleweave:On Four to Eght Shafts, by Ursina Arn-Grischott. Contact Colynn be email or phone 780-297-5257. (5/18)



12 shaft, 45 inch Leclerc Nilus. Solid maple, 14 treadles, double warp beams. Comes with maple bench and some accessories. $2500. Call Catherine Ross at 780-963-1194. (3/20)




Leclerc Add-A-Harness kit (4 shafts to 8 shafts). Purchased for over $2000. Asking $1000. Contact Lois (780-672-2551) or email (2/20)



Horizontal warping mill, wooden painted white. $50. Contact Lois (2/20)


Louet “Hatbox” limited edition spinning wheel $875. This spinning wheel is number 93 of only 125 that were made by Louet to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The spinning wheel is compact and ideal where space is limited. There is a built in lazy kate and it comes with three bobbins. Phone 780-604-0972 Cheryl Griffin (1/20)




LeClerc 45″ Counterbalance Floor Loom
This loom is in fantastic condition and comes with all the parts needed to start weaving right away. It has 4 shafts and 6 treadles, and comes with a bench as well as warping sticks and a shuttle. The bench has a really nice cupboard built into the seat to store your supplies.
I have always kept this loom inside, so there is no warping on any of the wood. This is a wonderful loom and I will be sad to see it go! Asking $1000.
Please contact Maddison Klein at 403 870-2103 (10/19)






Walking wheel in very good condition. Includes two attachments. Wheel diameter – 25″, overall length – 66″, overall height – 46″. Asking $200. Text or all Jay at 403-394-8085. (6/19)





36 inch Leclerc table loom with stand. 4 shafts. Warping board included $200. Located in Calgary, Airdrie area. Very good condition. Emal Fraser. (5/19)









32″ floor loom, excellent condition, complete with all its parts. It is an antique having been brought out from Eastern Canada pre 1930’s. $250 OBO. Contact Shirley McFall at 780-662-4747. (3/19)

1- 24” Leclerc Floor Loom – comes with lots of extras like warping mill, reeds, etc – $750
Ashford Standard Spinning Wheel – $200
Mary Bresser Spinning Wheel – $100
I am close to Cremona, Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Cochrane, Calgary, area. Email Carol. (2/19)

10 Shaft, 60” Fireside Loom – handcrafted of beautiful cherry wood, lovingly exercised since 1990, a joy to weave on, lovely to look at and feel. 12 treadles, worm drive tensioning (for precision tension), friction break, 2 inch sectional warping option, spring trelevators on peddles (makes lifting shaft easy), texsolv heddles, loom on castors for easy moving, shuttle mobile, lamp holder and lamp, 12 and 8 dpi reed, leash sticks, folds for moving and when not in use remove front and back beams for easy threading, 65” wide, 40” high, 42” deep. $3900 Contact Karen Selk. (1/19)

I am a sheep producer located outside of Olds Alberta and have wool for sale from 26 merino sheep. Excellent quality wool. Please phone or text Sandi @ 403-507-2877. (6/18)

Weaving Books: A rugweavers sourcebook ($25),  Three Weavers ($25), Warping with the Wool by Noel  Bennet ($25), Navajo techniques for Today’s Weaver by Mattera ($30), Rugweaving for Everyone by  Gallinger Todd ($20, Weaving as an Artform by Moorman ($20). Weave Knit Wear ($40). Clothing from the Hands that Weave by Anita Lavera Mayer ($50). Postage not included.  Located in Calgary. Email Frances or call 403 764-2995. (6/18)


Antique walking wheel handmade in Quebec. $300 Cdn. Please contact Lorna at 250-489-4532. (6/18)


LeClerc Nilus 45″ loom, 4 extra reeds and lots of extra heddles.(Missing 6 treadle hooks and a brake turnbuckle.) Includes bench, warping mill and skein winder. Located west of Cochrane, AB Asking $1250. Contact Sam or phone 403-617-6280. (5/18)



Rug Weavers Sourcebook from Interweave Press. $40. Contacy Frances. (2/18)





I was a student of Mary Andrews in the early 1970s.  With her help, I purchased this 1972 Cherryville loom, built of western red cedar.  I have no way of ever using it again, but am anxious to avoid seeing it as firewood – given all that we have been thru together.  Please use e-mail address to respond.