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Wanted: reeds for a 45″ loom. Only have a 12 and am looking to buikd a collection of them. Email Deb or all 403-360-6810 (6/19)

Wanted: Doubleweave:On Four to Eght Shafts, by Ursina Arn-Grischott. Contact Colynn be email or phone 780-297-5257. (5/18)

Wanted: copy of “The Icelandic Fleece: A Fibre for all Reasons”. Contact Gayle. (12/17)





Walking wheel in very good condition. Includes two attachments. Wheel diameter – 25″, overall length – 66″, overall height – 46″. Asking $200. Text or all Jay at 403-394-8085. (6/19)





36 inch Leclerc table loom with stand. 4 shafts. Warping board included $200. Located in Calgary, Airdrie area. Very good condition. Emal Fraser. (5/19)









32″ floor loom, excellent condition, complete with all its parts. It is an antique having been brought out from Eastern Canada pre 1930’s. $250 OBO. Contact Shirley McFall at 780-662-4747. (3/19)

1 24″ Leclerc Table Loom – $200
1- 24” Leclerc Floor Loom – comes with lots of extras like warping mill, reeds, etc – $750
Ashford Standard Spinning Wheel – $200
Mary Bresser Spinning Wheel – $100
A set of wool combs – $100
I am close to Cremona, Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Cochrane, Calgary, area. Email Carol. (2/19)






Bosworth Book Charhkra. Like new. Cherry wood. $650. Email Bess or call 403-852-1320. (2/19)

10 Shaft, 60” Fireside Loom – handcrafted of beautiful cherry wood, lovingly exercised since 1990, a joy to weave on, lovely to look at and feel. 12 treadles, worm drive tensioning (for precision tension), friction break, 2 inch sectional warping option, spring trelevators on peddles (makes lifting shaft easy), texsolv heddles, loom on castors for easy moving, shuttle mobile, lamp holder and lamp, 12 and 8 dpi reed, leash sticks, folds for moving and when not in use remove front and back beams for easy threading, 65” wide, 40” high, 42” deep. $3900 Contact Karen Selk. (1/19)

I am a sheep producer located outside of Olds Alberta and have wool for sale from 26 merino sheep. Excellent quality wool. Please phone or text Sandi @ 403-507-2877. (6/18)

Weaving Books: A rugweavers sourcebook ($25),  Three Weavers ($25), Warping with the Wool by Noel  Bennet ($25), Navajo techniques for Today’s Weaver by Mattera ($30), Rugweaving for Everyone by  Gallinger Todd ($20, Weaving as an Artform by Moorman ($20). Weave Knit Wear ($40). Clothing from the Hands that Weave by Anita Lavera Mayer ($50). Postage not included.  Located in Calgary. Email Frances or call 403 764-2995. (6/18)


Antique walking wheel handmade in Quebec. $300 Cdn. Please contact Lorna at 250-489-4532. (6/18)


LeClerc Nilus 45″ loom, 4 extra reeds and lots of extra heddles.(Missing 6 treadle hooks and a brake turnbuckle.) Includes bench, warping mill and skein winder. Located west of Cochrane, AB Asking $1250. Contact Sam or phone 403-617-6280. (5/18)



Rug Weavers Sourcebook from Interweave Press. $40. Contacy Frances. (2/18)



Leclerc 60″ counterbalance 4 shaft loom with sectional beam Includes sliding bench. Offers. Call 1-403-783-8022 or email.











I was a student of Mary Andrews’, in the early 1970s.  With her help, I purchased this 1972 Cherryville loom, built of western red cedar.  I have no way of ever using it again, but am anxious to avoid seeing it as firewood – given all that we have been thru together.  Please use e-mail address to respond.







60”, 10 shaft Fireside Loom (Cherry Wood) – purchased in 1990, beautiful condition, joy to work on, I am downsizing.  It’s special features include:  worm drive tensioning, 2” sectional option, trelevators (makes lifting shafts easier), lamp holder and lamp, shuttle mobile (clamps onto loom to hold shuttles)  $4,000, was $8,000 new.   Photos available.  Located on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Contact Karen by email. (1/17)

For Sale: 500 x 12.5″ wire heddles $50 OBO. Contact Mags (403) 701-6249 or email. (11/16)


Swedish loom for sale as well as carders, spinning wheels and number other items as well as yarn and wool. We are in the Calgary area.  Email or call 403-818-4453. (7/16)


Pure Shetland Sheep Roving (natural colours – black, white, cream, lighty grey, dark grey, brown). 1 lb > $25; 1/2 lb > $12.50. Raw fleeces available in grey/brown, black, light grey. Conact Bethany.; Located in Millarville, AB (near Calgary). Phone 403-536-0820.  (10/15)

Glimakra loom, horizontal countermarch, 8 shafts, 8 treadles, complete with bench, reeds and all accessories. Includes three towel kits (never opened), quite a few spools of threads, some pattern books, 3 size reeds (8, 10 & 12). Currently taken down. See for a picture of the loom. Asking $3,000. Contact Debra. (8/15)

We have a small flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.  We have just sheared them and I would like to share these beautiful fleeces with your association!  Most of the fleeces are dark dark black.  The rest of the other fleeces are very black with some reddish black on the tips called cuchddu. The wool is short, dense and firm to handle and ranges in Bradford count from 48s to 56s or micron ranges from 26.4 to 32.69. Fleece weights in the UK range from 2.2-5.5 pounds depending on the size of the ewe (general breed information – mine have not been graded but are purebred).  I rolled each fleece myself.  We skirted, and pulled any undesirables off of the fleece.  Overall the fleeces were impressively clean.  $40/fleece plus shipping.  I can send samples as necessary. Contact Kristen. or call 403-358-1674.(5/14)

Crochet Cotton I have inherited a huge amount of crochet cotton and know that one lady in Saskatoon used crochet cotton to lay the warp threads in her weaving. She also used colors for the weft making wonderful shawls, scarves and ribbons. I have cebelia colors, 20 and 30 lots of white in various sizes etc. Lots of variegated anchor and much more. A lot of these boxes contain 8-10 balls of each color. If you know of anyone who uses crochet cotton for other things as well I wonder if you could let me know. I do not have any room for this and need to find a home for it. I live in Camrose and can be contacted by email ( or you can call me at 780-666-1635. Ferne Brown (01/14)