Conference 2015

Up for Change

Save the date – May 8, 9 & 10, 2015

Red Deer College

Conference Registration Form

May Update

Here is our final list of vendors. Come out and support them! On Saturday you can have a look at the Juried Show too. Can't wait to see you.

A Curious Spin          
Aubusson House      
Celeigh Wool                      780-387-5047
Custom Woolen Mills
Heart West Haven     
Homespun Haven     
Laura Fry Weaving Studio 
Pottery by Heather      
Raija's Yarns            
Riverstone Yarns       
Spring Harvest Farm



hello to all membersfrom Lyn Pflueger, president

Attached is the agenda for the AGM, to be held next Friday at Red Deer College.   If you have any concerns, please contact me..   I hope that you will come to the AGM even if you are unable to stay for the whole conference. 

This is an important time for our guild.   Our executive would normally now be seeking a new Vice President, but due to resignations, we also need a new President and Treasurer, a BC representative and an Edmonton Area representative.

No, this is not a mutiny!  Rosemary, our treasurer, has filled this position for five years, and it is time for her to pass it on to someone else.  And Kathleen has compelling personal reasons for her resignation.  Jen Black, after many years as Edmonton rep, AND Marilyn Owens as BC rep, are ready to give that pleasure to someone else….

I assure you that the work is not only not onerous, but is interesting and very enjoyable, and you get to associate with really great people … HWSDA needs for you all to think about taking one of these important positions.  So let me tell you what these positions involve:

1. Four executive meetings per year (the reps are obliged to come to two), and as one of these is at the conference, and we are becoming more and more savvy with Skype and teleconferencing, this is not arduous (and there is always a great lunch!)

2. The Vice President's only official task is to handle the scholarship applications as she/he gets to know the working of the organisation.  Of course she/he is asked to help with activities and events, too.  Signing on for Vice President means two years in that position, then two years as president, then two years as Past President (for general advice and continuity).

3. The President is responsible for the agenda and chairing of executive meetings and the AGM.    She/he needs to ensure that the organisation fulfills its obligations determined by the executive and the bylaws… eg participating in Fibre Week, outreach into the community where helpful for attracting new members or fulfilling our mandate, and writing a Grant Application to AFA annually.

4. The Treasurer looks after the daily finances of the guild -money in and out- and prepares the annual budget and financial reports. The Treasurer's task has been streamlined by all the work done by Rosemary, helped by Peter McCormick.   Rosemary is willing to work with the new treasurer and show her/him what needs to be done and how she has done it. “It is quite easy (but takes some time) as long as one is organized and keeps on top of things”.

let me assure you that, as past president, I will devote as much time and energy as it takes to help a new president find her/his feet.


AGM Agenda


April Update

Seven days until conference registration is over for another year! You will want to be there. I know I am looking forward to it.

It is the workshops, vendors and best of all…seeing and sharing with all of you that brings me back every year. You inspire me!

Yours in fibre, Marge Gray

March Update

The early bird deadline is so close-March15! We want you and your fibre friends in Red Deer on May 8, 9 & 10. 

Did you see the list of vendors?

A Curious Spin          
Aubusson House      
Celeigh Wool                      780-387-5047
Custom Woolen Mills
Heart West Haven     
Homespun Haven      
Laura Fry Weaving Studio 
Natures Knit-ch         
Orappa Creek Fibre  
Pam's Woolly Shoppe 
Pottery by Heather    
Riverstone Yarns      
Spring Harvest Farm 
Twisted Sisters        

Tell your fibre friends, that can't come for the weekend, to come and shop and see the Juried Show! At least they can have a little bit of fun while you have a whole lot!
Check the registration form for a list of the workshops.

February Update

The registrations have already started coming in! Don’t wait to register – March 15th is the early bird deadline.

Did you see the workshops being offered? What fun! The instructors have graciously agreed to volunteer their time and more to make your day!

There's a great list of vendors coming too! Even if you can't spare the time for the full conference, join us in Red Deer on Friday afternoon or Saturday to support our suppliers. I'm sure you'll find a treasure or two to dream over…

And finally, have you started your entry for the juried show??  Consider the new categories for knitters!  Is that something to make your needles click? If you haven't already, join the HWSDA and submit your entry to the juried show.

We'd love to see what you're working on!!  It is so important to share and encourage each other. This is a great way to do it.

January Update

If you have been somewhere, if you have taken a class, if you have been studying or if you have been working on a project please consider sharing with a PechaKucha presentation or show n' tell at the conference on Sunday morning…even mistakes are learning experiences for all of us! There is technical help if you need it. Contact Brenda Foster

Here is an explanation of the PechaKucha sessions.

PechaKucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. You get 20 seconds per slide. No more, no less. It really makes you think about how to best say what you need to, quickly and concisely.

December Update

We will have a large number of knitting classes at Conference 2015. This reflects the interest shown by volunteers of the knitting community.

We are also pleased to announce that dyers, felters, spinners and weavers have felt challenged by this enthusiastic group. They have now come forward in order to teach us all sorts of things!

We will be offering 16 different mini-workshops, each lasting approximately one and a quarter hours.

Look forward to attending:

"Carding for Colour and Woollen Yarns" by Kristi Lacey;
"Demystifying Knitting Patterns" by Vanessa Bjerreskov;
"Colour Theory" by K.C. Jones;
"Felted Angels and Fairies" by Holly Kingdon,
along with twelve other workshops. (More about this in next month's update).

So, members of HWSDA and "soon to become members of HWSDA", please look forward to Conference, to having some fun and learning something new!

Jen Black and Maureen McMillan

November Update

The conference committee is excited about the Mother’s Day weekend in 2015, May 8,9 & 10! There are 16 mini-workshops on felting, weaving, dyeing, spinning and knitting for you to choose from. And you know what a hard time it was to choose last year. We would love it if you would think about presenting a Pecha Kucha on Sunday morning. All you have to do is create a presentation of 20 PowerPoint slies about your particular topic and you have 20 seconds to talk about each. Anyone can present, it's easy and you have techies to help you. You can help us be "up for change". Give Brenda Foster a call or email and let her know about your thoughts.

Look for the conference package in January and bring a friend! It will be fun. Help us to welcome our loyal retail friends as well as encouraging new ones. We are all "Up for Change".

October Update

The  HWSDA  2015 Conference is approaching in May 2015. I am seeking donations for the traditional door prizes: finished works or small stash items would work.  Now's your chance to downsize your stash for a worthy cause!  Contributions will be collected from November to April. Please contact Tara Nixon ( to make arrangements.

September Update

Planning has begun. The venue is the Learning Common at Red Deer College. The dates are May 8, 9 and 10, 2015. The Theme is “Up for Change”.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the concept of the Mini Workshops last year so we are planning to “keep on going on” with this plan.

We are again looking for some volunteers from our membership to share their expertise and enthusiasm by presenting a mini-workshop.  The same workshop will be presented twice, back to back, either in the morning or the afternoon of the Saturday of Conference.  (We will be offering an honorarium of $50 to each of these presenters).

I am asking for submissions for these mini-workshops.  Each workshop will be approximately 90 minutes in length.

Please try and incorporate the theme, (up for change), if you possibly can.

The Committee would like to offer 8 workshops, (each repeated one time), on the Saturday morning.

And, 8 different workshops, (each repeated one time), on the Saturday afternoon.

I would expect these workshops to have no more than 10 students in any session.

Please submit your Workshop Titles, with some details please, including what supplies would be needed and the cost of these supplies.  I will also need to know what equipment the students would be required to bring to the workshop and any special requirements such as water supply, size of tables etc.

Submissions should be sent to Jen at as soon as possible, please.

It should be noted that there is a deadline for “voluntary submissions”.   This deadline will be Tuesday, October 14th, 2014.

After that date there will be a phoning committee that will seek you out, and offer you lots of encouragement. 

I know how talented you all are and I have your phone numbers!

We do hope to get all the information about these workshops printed in our Conference Booklet this year.  So, surprise me!

Jen Black and Maureen McMillan