Conference Retreat 2014 – Sharing Your Passion!

May 30 – June 1, 2014

King's University College, Edmonton, AB

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Postdate on the conference, June 11, 2014

Wow, that was fun!

Thank you to all who participated in the conference, I think that we all had a marvellous time. Huge thanks to all the minworkshop leaders, who worked so hard—we sure learned that we need to be easier on them next time!

And thanks to the vendors who brought all the treasures…

And to the conference executive, who started with a new idea and made it work.

We will publish the results of the evaluations in detail but as an overview, Kathleen has written this:

it is overwhelmingly positive feedback. The retreat format, the relaxed atmosphere, friendliness, sharing knowledge and casual classes kept it so everyone had a fun time. The Pecha Kucha was so well received, some called it inspiring and a great format to share stories and experiences. There are many requests for more and more variety of vendors. Also much sympathy for our workshop leaders working all day and not getting to share. Also huge feedback on the show and tell; again the sense that the idea of learning from each other values each person’s abilities and experience so we are even more willing to share!!

Lots of requests to keep this format going forward. (Kathleen Long)

And as a footnote, for those who became enchanted with Saori weaving, Terri Bibby , the Saori expert from Saltspring Island, will be in Calgary at the end of the month.   The date is to be confirmed.  If you would like to be kept informed about this, please email me

I will try to post something every 2 weeks or so, think it is a great thing that we have a line of communication going.

I would truly love to see others using this page…..

Lyn Pflueger



Thank you, Lyn, for all your work in organizing and leading us as we prepared for the 2014 conference!

Thank you to the executives!

Thank you to the mini-workshop team!

Thank you to our fashion show queens!



We came to the retreat to learn, to share, to teach and to inspire each other….our own community of weavers, spinners and dyers gathered to display our skills, our beautiful work, and to share our knowledge through friendship.

The Passion started on Friday as our members assembled for the Conference.

Sharing their passion on Saturday were:

Deb Turner – kumihimo
Lyn Pflueger – felted fossils
Kathy Sosnowski – spinning on the charka
Elisabeth Ellis-Bassett -finishing and the WOW factor
Brenda Foster –amulet bag felted on a resist
Lois Larson – tinkering with Fiberworks
Joanne Verveda – woven shibori
Marijane Rose – Saori weaving
Pirkko Karvonen – transparencies to tapestries
Ellen Munro – hands on mobius, traveling shawl
Judy Sysak – making and spinning from an art bat
Gale Anderson Palm – indigo – a blue to die for

First row: Marijane Rose, Gale Anderson Palm, Deb Turner, Lyn Pflueger, Judy Sysak
Back row: Kathy Sosnowski, Lois Larson, Ellen Munro, Brenda Foster, Joanne Verveda


Left: Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett and Right: Pirkko Karvonen


Vendors to fuel our passions included:

Nature's Knit-ch
Homespun Haven
Heart West Haven
Aubusson House
The Wacky Windmill
Twisted Sisters
Custom Woollen Mill
Pam's Woolly Shoppe

Our real passion: Workshops

After the Workshops on to the Banquet and the Fashion Show!

(Fashion Show pictures are on the Photo page)