The Crocus Country Fibre Arts Guild (formerly Nanton Spinners and Weavers Guild) hosted the HWSDA Provincial Conference in 2012.




The Conference was held in High River, Alberta, May 25, 26 and 27, 2012 with Pre-Conference workshops: May 22-25, 2012.


Keynote Speakers: Michele Whipplinger (Saturday) and Bonnie Tarses (Sunday)



Conference 2012 – Colour Conspiracy Guild Challenge

Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language defines conspiracy as “to combine secretly, especially for evil purposes”, but defines conspire as “to cooperate towards an end”.

Crocus Country Fibre Arts Guild challenged all other guilds attending the 2012 HWSDA Conference in May of 2012 to conspire (but not in an evil way) to use colour in everyday useful items with the end goal of donating these items to a women’s shelter.

Many of these women, either with children or not, leave their domestic situations with nothing except the clothes on their backs. They will need household items to start their new lives, and what better than to have beautiful, handmade pieces that are ‘one of a kind’, made with care and experience in every thread.

After the judging of the guild displays-and the awarding of prizes- items were taken home again and donated to your own local shelters, or to Rowan House, a new shelter in High River that is slated for opening in June 2012.

Conference organizers challenged our hearts and imaginations, and suggested that each guild conspire together to produce these much needed articles.



Sneak a Peek – Pre-Conference 2012

Michele Wipplinger, of Seattle, Washington, and founder of Earthues, A Natural Dye Company presented a three day workshop that she calls The Colour Institute. This is an in-depth study of colour including colour perception, aesthics, dynamics, theory and use. “Working from diverse historic and cultural sources, this class moves through classical concepts of colour to ideas of contemporary artistic and designer practice. The workshop concluded with insight into the world of colour forecasting and the development of colour trends.”

 “Michele Wipplinger is an author, educator, photographer and master dyer and designer with over thirty years experience in natural dyes…. Michele lectures worldwide and has developed products and con-sulted on color for Aveda, Origins, Martha Stewart Living, Espirit, Terra Verde and the Nature Con-servancy. She is a chairholder and served on the Board of Directors for Color Marketing Group. Michele received an award from the United Nations for her environmental stewardship on the development of an ecological natural dye process for the American textile industry.”

To learn more about Michele, visit her website at http://www.earthues.com/home