Area Reports

June 2019

Central Area Reports

Evergreen Spinners and Weavers Guild

The ESWG meets most months except maybe over peak summer season when there are fairs and demos that would like to have some spinners attend.  We meet mostly in private homes from Edson, to Drayton Valley, Whitecourt to Stony Plain on the first Monday of the month.  There are some qualified members who can teach spinning and weaving on an as need basis and if you email lynette.kreddig@franlynfarm.cayou can get more information.

On our last meeting we did some needle felting and while we were supposed to make dryer balls, some of our members decided to get a little creative.

Spinners were invited to attend a Fur and Feathers Market Event happening in Mayerthorpe and two local ladies did make it with their wheels.  Several other ladies from the area far south and east also came to make it very lively.  There were fleeces for sale and other articles on display.  Most there, were connected by the “Central Alberta Rural Spinners” group on Facebook so I found it very nice to put names to faces.  A jolly time was had with lots of interest and answered many questions about what we were doing.

There are quite a lot of these gatherings popping up all over and while some do not want to embrace social media forums, it is clearly an excellent way to communicate especially if you are not near anyone to go to meetings or are new into the fibre arts and have queries.  An excellent way, to find wheels and other equipment.

We are starting to think about workshops for fall and members have been asked to think about what they might want to do and where we can hold it.

As always it is necessary to know what members might like to do so if you have ideas do let us know and please feel free to join us.

Happy Summer, Lynette Kreddig

Camrose Weavers

Weavers have been keeping all the looms busy since January working on tea towels, runners, blankets and placemats. The dobby loom 12 yard warp for tea towels is finished. We threaded it with a white warp in a plaited twill pattern and everyone picked their color for weft. Many of the weavers had never woven on a dobby before so it was fun for them to try it.

Four of our weavers attended ANWG in Prince George including pre-conference workshops. It will inspire us as consider trying new things and as we begin weaving for the fall sales.

Lois continues to offer Spin-Ins at her home. Currently they meet on Sunday afternoons once or twice a month. It is a fun time of spinning, visiting and having coffee. You are welcome to join us at any time!

Tea towels are on the looms at the Craft Centre.





In May Lois took a three day workshop on One Warp, Many Sytructures: an Exploration of Extended Parrallel Threading.with Denise Kovnat with the Edmonton Weavers.. Warped a table loom at 36 ends per inch. During the workshop we wove samples in Echo, Jin (turned taqueté), and shadow weave. Then cut off the warp and re-sleyed to 48 ends per inch and wove double weave, collapse and rep. Denise had created all the designs using Fiberworks basedon dividual choices for a design and number of shafts. We were encouraged to try many different colors from the mercerized 2/20 cotton cones she brought. She demonstrated how to create parallel thradings in Fiberworks. It was an excellent, relaxed workshop.

The portion of the community centre we are in is actually the old drill hall that was renovated years ago. The city is checking the viability of the structure so we are all holding our breath that it won’t be bulldozed down! We have a beautiful space – lots of light and even air conditioning! So we hope all will be well. The ceiling trusses are also being looked at. May need a new roof too. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy the summer, Lois Larson