ANWG 2013 Conference

Crossing Borders Crossing Threads


The 2013 ANWG conference was held at Western University in Bellingham, Washington June 17-23, 2013.





Many of the trees on campus were decorated with fibre as well as the pillars on the entrance to where the vendors and the guild booths were located.

HWSDA joined the Tacoma Weavers and shared a guild booth with the theme "Crossing Borders Crossing Threads" and the booth's theme was "Crossing Borders Exchanging Threads". At the end of the conference HWSDA members exchanged their napkins with one from a weaver from the Tacoma Guild. A truly international exchange!












The booth won the "Best of Conference Theme" award.






Here are some snaps of some of the other guild booths at the conference.

The following snaps are from the Juried Show items and the Teachers Show. You will notice that some of the garments have a swatch pinned to the top of the hanger. That was for touchy-feely weavers-all of us who need to feel the cloth to determine its hand!

Here is a link to the ANWG Summer 2013 Newsletter.

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